Need help taking orders for your organization?

Contact us to see how we can host a temporary Order SITE for your product, allowing you to simplify the order taking process and reduce margin-of-error. Details Below.

Start by providing us an estimate of how many items your group will order; that allows us to give you the most accurate per-item price. **(48) piece minimum for online order sites**

Your per-item pricing is determined by three factors:

  1. The item, style, and brand you select

  2. The number of colors in your design, and number of print placements

  3. The estimated number of items you plan to order

Additional fees such as site hosting ($.30/transaction), payment processing (2.9%), and sales tax tax (7.5% where applicable) are added to your per-shirt cost and will be explained during the quoting process.

Please note that if you do not sell as many items that you originally estimated when receiving a quote, you will be given the option to cancel your entire order or pay the price difference. If you cancel your order, all participants who paid using a credit card will receive an automatic refund.

Once the order site is closed your items are typically printed in 2-3 weeks.

All items will be printed at the same time and treated as one mass order. We do not ship to individuals at this time. If you are the group organizer, you are responsible for distributing individual orders to your group.

Please see our Company Policies and Procedures for more info on how custom orders are treated.